Saturday, 2 March 2013

First pack released!

The first pack is now available, the prices are € 8.50 for each single pack of four miniatures. 

Please add the following postage cost to your orders: 

Spain 10% of total cost, minimum charge of € 2.00 (Capped at € 4.50 in Spain) 
Europe 20% of total cost, minimum charge of € 2.50 (Capped at € 7.00 in Europe) 
Rest of World 25% of total cost, minimum charge of € 3.00 (Capped at € 10.00 Rest of the World)

Payment via PayPal 

For orders and questions, please contact with me via:


  1. Now, if you could publish a tutorial about how to paint those black uniforms...

  2. Fantastic painting work! I would like to see also a tutorial about the uniforms.

    Order sent!

  3. Thank you mates!
    I'm planning an entry about the uniforms.

  4. These are absolutely outstanding! Looking forward to seeing more. Are there any other packs besides the Officers/NCO's? A most welcome line of figures.

    1. Thanks Scott!
      Yes, I have plans to expand the range, I need that the interested people buy this first pack.

  5. Hello, Love these figures! When will the other be available? I like to buy figures as complete armies so do you have a list of what would be needed, uniforms, units etc etc? From the limited reading I have done I see both sides together only fielding about 20,000 men so at 1-100 thats only 200 figures for the complete army or for a big project 1-50 of 400 figures. How many pre orders do you need to get the rest sculpted? The other option is to do a specific battle and have a lower figure ratio? I dont know enough of the war to work that out, can you help?

    Thanks Adrien

    1. Hi Adrien, many thanks.
      Do you have an email address?


      Jose A.