Saturday, 21 September 2013

Imperial/Shogunate troops greens

Bac Ninh Miniatures extends its catalog with two new references, once again brilliantly sculpted by Paul Hicks. 
These new packs have separate heads in order to achieve a greater number of variations. Each of the references represent a side, but they have been designed so that the can be used for both sides, as there was not such a big difference regarding uniforms between both, except for some cases as the battle of Toba–Fushimi where some troops follower of Shogun wear armors or the Shinsengumi, who wore traditional clothes. 
The figures with battle hat (nirayamagasa) represent the Imperial troops. Whereas those which wear headband represent the Shogun side, take into account that they wear a pair of swords (daisho) typical of the most traditional pro shogunate clans. It's possible to swap heads from one reference to the other without any problems. In this sense Paul, besides the sculptures, has done a great job. 
The greens have been sent to the caster, so they will be available in a few weeks if there's no problem.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Chosu Officer

Andrés Amián aka Einar Olafson has make a superb work painting this guy. Painted as Chosu officer with his white wig (Haguma).
You can see more pics and other great works on Andrés Amián's blog.

Many thanks Andrés!