Saturday, 15 July 2017

Byakkotai and Aizu troops greens

The Byakkotai and the Aizu troops are nearly there! The Byakkotai (白虎隊) or “White Tiger regiment” was a group of young teenage samurai of the Aizu domain, who fought in the Boshin War, their history is all drama. 

These new codes will be:
BW-13 Byakkotai firing/skirmishing(4) 
BW-14 Byakkotai advancing/charging (4)
BW-15 Aizu troops firing/skirmishing (4) 
BW-16 Aizu troops advancing/charging (4) 

The new Byakkotai and Aizu packs can be Pre-Ordered and if you buy four or more packs, will save 0,25 per pack. This Pre-Order with the special price is only available until 31st July 2017. 

 For more details please contact with me via: 

*Please note, that they are supplied with separate heads.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Boshin War game at Albanich 2017

Boshin War display game by South East of Scotland Gamers, using the "The Men who would be Kings" rules from Osprey. More pics on the Hill 107 blog.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Our Shinsengumi in Vae Victis Magazine

Nicolas, the editor at Vae Victis Magazine, sent me a free copy of the latest edition which included a nice review of our Shinsengumi.