Monday, 11 March 2013

Short guide about uniforms in the Boshin war

This short guide has the intention of help to paint your miniatures.
Most of the uniforms used on the Boshin War were of western style for modernized troops with some japanese touch, like the jingasa (war hat),  jinbaori (coat without sleeves), etc.The uniforms were usually dark (black, dark blue). Some traditional troops worn japanese clothes, or a mixed of both.

 They worn their clan emblem on a small fabric slip on the upper left sleeve. 

 Kingire: Emblem of the Imperial court troops to distinguish them from the shogunate troops.
Gold brocate with white back.


 Many types of jingasa (war hat) were used during this conflict, for officers and NCOs their marks were distinguished with gold lines and heraldry.

Shaguma, Haguma and Koguma was a type of headgear worn by the officers of the Japanese Imperial troops in the Boshin War. The headgear was quite peculiar, involving the used of long, colored, "bear" hair. The "Red bear" (Shaguma) wigs indicate officers from Tosa Jinshotai, the "White bear" (Haguma) wigs officers from Chōshū, and the "Black bear" (Koguma) wigs officers from Satsuma. 


Saturday, 2 March 2013

First pack released!

The first pack is now available, the prices are € 8.50 for each single pack of four miniatures. 

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