Thursday, 12 November 2020

Black Friday sale!

SC-04 “Yojiro”, the bodyguard (1) Price: € 3.00  
SC-05 "Nemori" Kyoshiro (1) Price: € 3.00  
SC-06 Yagyu Jubei (1) Price: € 3.00  
SC-07 Monjiro of the Cold Wind (1) Price: € 3.00  
SC-09 “Hitari” brothers, masters of death (3) Price: € 12.00   
Nemori & Jubei special pack (include SC-05 and SC-06) Price: € 5.00  
And if you want can add to your anyone of our codes, we have a nice Shinsengumi among others. ;)  
This sale is available until end November and in a limited number,  
for more details please contact with me via:  

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