Saturday, 15 July 2017

Byakkotai and Aizu troops greens

The Byakkotai and the Aizu troops are nearly there! The Byakkotai (白虎隊) or “White Tiger regiment” was a group of young teenage samurai of the Aizu domain, who fought in the Boshin War, their history is all drama. 

These new codes will be:
BW-13 Byakkotai firing/skirmishing(4) 
BW-14 Byakkotai advancing/charging (4)
BW-15 Aizu troops firing/skirmishing (4) 
BW-16 Aizu troops advancing/charging (4) 

The new Byakkotai and Aizu packs can be Pre-Ordered and if you buy four or more packs, will save 0,25 per pack. This Pre-Order with the special price is only available until 31st July 2017. 

 For more details please contact with me via: 

*Please note, that they are supplied with separate heads.

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