Monday, 1 December 2014

Fall of the Samurai, a Triumph & Tragedy Army List for the Boshin War

Finally I finished the T&T Army list for the Boshin War!
The list looks great and is a nice read too, also includes order cards with Boshin War designs.
The army list is available FREE to download from here, please enjoy it. 

For those who don't know T&T is a tabletop adventure wargame designed for a number of players, starting from two, but working just as well as a multiplayer game. If you can get a friend to act as an umpire, it can greatly improve the game by adding chance or unexpected events as well as having a ruling instance. It is not strictly necessary, however.
For more info, please visit Triumph & Tragedy website and T&T forum.

I want to expres my thanks to my wife, Björn and Chris for their help on this army list.

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