Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Boshin War army list for Smooth & Rifled

Boshin War army list is available free to dowload from the Smooth & Rifled site.

For those who don't know S&R is a game system designed to recreate skirmish games with 28, 20 or 15mm miniatures. This is a little review extract from Slorm Wargames:

The ruleset has 26 pages, where the rules only are in 16, the other are for cover, sample scenarios and markers, support addresses and quick reference sheet. The book is plenty of photos with very good painted miniatures, all the pages have a light brown/sepia colour that is very printer unfriendly.

 Let's take a look a on the wargaming system. The wargame have been thought to be played for battles between 1700 and 1900, but there are projects for expanding it to another periods. The troops have a combat stat called C, that is used for Close Combat resolution.

The turn has various phases:

1.- Action Points, that are rolled with three dices, adding the scores. Each player roll for his Action Points, getting a number from 3 to 18. Those points will be used on the next phases to activate the troops, no more than three times. The player with more Action Points starts to play.

2.- Movement, the players can choose his troops to move them, the troops can move in formation in a lower rate than the unformed troops. The movement rates are the same for every type of infantry, and a bit more for every type of cavalry troop.

3.- Firing, the troops that have an enemy in his Line of Sight, and are armed with a firing weapon can fire at the enemy. It is solved rolling two dices, and adding the scores, if that number is here than the established one by the range, it's a hit. The troops can aim their shoots, for rolling an additional dice when firing. The hits are rolled under a 4+, higher scores become a dead. After the firing, normally you have to reload your weapon, and it cost Action Points.

4.- Combat, the base to base contacted miniatures can start a melee, each miniature roll 3d6, and each score under his C value will be a hit, resolved in the same way than the firing hits.

The troops can be moved alone, or forming a group, the group movement let the player saving Action Points. Normally the first activation of a troop, cost less than the others activations.

There are a lot of special rules to upgrade, or downgrade the troops, creating different types of troops.

The army lists are being published for free from the S&R blog, with all the troops and weapon stats.

If we take a look on the troops stats, we can see:
Westernized Troops
AV=2/2/3; C=4
0-1 Officer (Leader), katana and revolver (10/0), 21 pts
6-20 Privates, Muzzle-loading musket (30/2), bayonet, 17 pts
Notes and options
You can swap all muzzle-loading muskets with breech-loading musktes (30/1) at +5pts per figure (bayonet can stay fixed during while loading).

AV= 2/2/3, means that the first activation costs 1 point, the second 2, and the third 3 points
C = 4, means that when the soldier is shooting you will impact in melee with a 4 or less.
0-1 Officer (Leader) katana and revolver (10/0), means that you can only have between 0 and 1 Officer; he will be the Leader (Special Rule) bearing a katana and a revolver. The katana is a melee weapon that allows to re-roll 1D6 in close combat. The Revolver (10/0), means that it haves an effective range of 10, so with a 7+ it hits inside this range. The "0" after the dash means that the weapon is reloaded automatically. The Officer costs 21 pts.

If we take a look on the Privates, we see that we must have between 6 to 20 soldiers, armed with a Muzzle-Loading musket that has a 30cm effective range, and that requires 2 action point to be reloaded. Each soldier costs 17 pts.


  1. Great to see lists provided as this will surely help with folk (like me) who know very little of the details of the war.

    Fab stuff!