Thursday, 7 February 2013


It’s a pleasure to let you know about my new adventure, the creation of Bac Ninh Miniatures.
I’ve always thought that it would be great to have a little brand of miniatures and after thinking over it for a long time I decided to take this big step. As a passionate of Japanese history, it was very clear to me in what historical period/conflict the Bac Ninh Miniatures are focused.
Tengo el placer de anunciaros mi nueva aventura, y no es otra que la creación de Bac Ninh Miniatures. Siempre pensé que seria bonito crear una pequeña marca de miniaturas, y después de pensarlo mucho y hacer números me decidí a dar el gran paso. Como apasionado de la historia japonesa, tenía muy claro en que periodo histórico/conflicto se centraría Bac Ninh Miniatures. 

Japan 19th century, the last years of Tokuwaga Shogunate, also known as Bakumastsu and specifically during the Boshin War (1867-68), a conflict that faced Shogun’s troops with the Emperator’s troops. The fall of the Shogun’s troops and their followers lead into a new era in Japan, the Meiji restoration.
Japón siglo XIX, los últimos años del Shogunato Tokugawa mas conocido como Bakumatsu y mas concretamente en la Guerra Boshin (1867-68), conflicto que enfrento a las tropas del Shogun con las del Emperador y que con la derrota del primero y sus seguidores daría paso a una nueva era en Japón, la restauración Meiji.

My intention is not other than showing you the fascinating period of the history of Japan and being able to reproduce this into a tabletop or simply being able to add to your collection a few miniatures magnificently sculpted of this specific period.
Currently there are no miniatures of this conflict of the Japanese history, which means that Bac Ninh Miniatures will be the first one offering these kinds of miniatures. 
Mi intención no es otra que dar a conocer este fascinante periodo de la historia de Japón y poder recrearlo sobre un tablero de juego o simplemente poder añadir a tu colección unas miniaturas magníficamente esculpidas sobre este periodo histórico en concreto.
Actualmente no existen miniaturas para este conflicto de la historia de Japón, con lo que Bac Ninh miniatures será la primera en ofrecer miniaturas para ello.

The great Paul Hicks has been the elected one to create these sculptures and as you can see his work has been amazing, as always!
El gran Paul Hicks ha sido el elegido para llevar a cabo las esculturas, y como podréis comprobar su trabajo ha sido magnífico, como siempre! 

It’s a risky bet given that it is a very little known conflict and I can’t know if it will be accepted, this means that its success and continuity of this range of miniatures depends mostly on the interested people.
La apuesta es arriesgada puesto que es un conflicto poco conocido y no se que aceptación podrá tener,  así que el éxito y continuidad de esta gama de miniaturas dependerá en gran medida de todos los interesados en ella. 

This is the first pack that will come out and it will be available in a couple of weeks approximately. As you can see it consists of four miniatures, two officers and two NCOs. The officer and the NCO with the “great wigs” are specific for the Emperor’s troops, concretely of the Tosa, Choshu and Satsuma Clan. The other ones can be used for both sides. 
Este será el primer pack que vera la luz y que estará disponible en dos o tres semanas aproximadamente. Como podéis ver esta compuesto por cuatro miniaturas, dos oficiales y dos suboficiales. El oficial y el suboficial con esa “gran peluca” son específicos de tropas leales al Emperador, mas en concreto de los clanes Tosa, Choshu y Satsuma. Las otras dos podrán ser empleadas por ambos bandos.

Following this pack, other ones will be released containing basic troops, and more things that I have on my mind, but as I said before, the continuity of this range depends mostly from you.  
A este primer pack le seguirán otros compuestos por tropas básicas, y mas cosas que tengo en mente, pero como he dicho anteriormente la continuidad de esta gama dependerá mucho de vosotros.

In this blog you will be duly informed about all the news of Bac Ninh Miniatures, where I also will be publishing some topics related to this conflict (uniformology, articles of painting and history, etc.)  En este blog estaréis puntualmente informados de todas las novedades de Bac Ninh Miniatures, en el que además iré publicando algunos temas relacionados con este conflicto (uniformologia, artículos de pintura, historia, etc.) 


  1. it's always good to see sculptures from paul. very nice figures and a really nice idea for a figure-range.
    btw. do we really speak from 1960 or do you mean 1860..?


  2. Very nice!

    I had the Boshin War, too, on my (quite long) list of ranges I'd love to do.
    (So, if you should EVER like to get rid of them, just let me know. ;-) )

  3. Good! Now, if we could only finish those rules for the boshin war in Smooth & Rifled or adapt any other rules for it...

  4. excellent ,I will follow this closely ,good luck .

  5. Honest to God. Yesterday I was thinking about Shogun Fall of the Samurai and was frustrated that nobody is making miniatures of this war. Today I wake up and see this...

    Paul Hicks did a great job on them. Can't wait to see more.


  6. These look great. I don't know much about the conflict so will be following with interest.

  7. Excellent! I'm looking forward to these. Good luck!

  8. They look fantastic!! I can see them fighting on Mars (sorry about that but I love that subject!!)


  9. Thanks for the coments, I'm glad that you like them!

  10. It has taken me a lot of time to look at this blog! Very nice, and full of information, I see, about this curious period. I expect to buy your figures and use them with "Triumph and Tragedy", I think.

    Good luck!