Saturday 23 March 2024

Shaguma/Haguma/Koguma head set

New release for our Boshin War range, this time a Shaguma/Haguma/Koguma head set. Originally was a private commission of Ismael Montero to Stavros Zouliatis, and through their loving care now is available for everyone. Ideal for making your own Officers of Tosa, Satsuma and Chosu. Or even a Tosa Jinshotai unit!

*Please note that can need some hobby knife work.

Shaguma, Haguma and Koguma was a type of headgear worn by the officers of the Japanese Imperial troops in the Boshin War. The headgear was quite peculiar, involving the used of long, colored, "bear" hair. The "Red bear" (Shaguma) wigs indicate officers from Tosa Jinshotai, the "White bear" (Haguma) wigs officers from Choshu, and the "Black bear" (Koguma) wigs officers from Satsuma.

Thanks again to Ismael Montero and Stavros Zouliatis for his wonderful work.

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